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employers should go to accommodate breast-feeding mothers. >> the first lady michelle obama and cumbersome and michelle bachman, both moms and both with very clear opinions about how far is too far. breastfeeding itself really is not controversial. >> i think it is the best thing you can do for your baby. >> scientific evidence shows that breastfed babies are healthier. >> before hand, i did not give that much thought about it. >> here is were agreeable moms part ways. michelle obama is campaigning to get mothers to breast feed. the irs is helping. congresswoman michele bock and it took up the topic on talk radio this week. >> this is very consistent with where the hard left is coming from. for them, the government is the answer to every problem. to think that the government has to go out and buy my breast pump. >> some say breast pumps as a deduction should not be a priority. >> as a homeowner, i would like to see more focus on that. >> michelle obama is focusing on lower income african-american communities with 40% of the babies never breast fed. >> it would be nice to have more advocacy
the gift of life. >> president obama hosted top republican leaders at the white house for lunch. what was discussed there? host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: does it take two to tango? ♪ ♪ anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >>> an unexpected fee has one woman's dream house in jeopardy. >> stephen tschida has the story. >> instead of seeing her dream house, she looks at a deserted foundation. >> i should be leaving here by now. -- i should be living here. >> initially county officials told her she did not have to pay a new home construction surcharge, but then she got hit with a $13,000 fee to alleviate overcrowding in schools. >> the fee is designed for builders bidding -- building subdivisions. >> but the $13,000 has dragged on so long that construction has ground to a halt. this woman doubts whether her dream house will be built. but home builders are exempt only when the original house is destroyed by fire, explosion or natural disaster. some lawmakers believe the statute pertains to developers o
of people felt cairo's liberation square today. this afternoon, president obama praised the progress and renewed his demand for political transition to begin now. >> the issues at stake will not be resolved through violence or suppression. we are encouraged by the restraint that were shown today. >> president obama condemned attacks on journalists and human rights activist and is planning -- and is not blaming the government for them. for their own safety, american students have been evacuated from egypt. many of the students were there studying arabic. lisa fletcher talked with one of the students, just back from cairo last night. >> like many of the ostensibly of talk to, he was glad to leave the danger behind. his heart is with the egyptian people. he said that when he was leaving, many of the protesters asked him to tell the truth of their plight to the americans. he does not even have a winter coat. he did not expect to be back in the states. he left karr wrote in a hurry, unable to tackle. >> it looks like a war zone. calendar was studying arabic and lived in one of the hardest
much. >> president obama expressing support for people who are driving the change we see in the middle east. also expressing concern about americans who are still in libya, saying he is considering a full range of options that will be considered in the days to come. we will keep you updated and have more for you at 6:00. in the meantime, in libya, countries x minister says muammar gaddafi ordered the bombing of the passenger plane over liddy -- over lockerbie, scotland. >> for stephanie bernstein, it is not extraordinary that gaddafi may have ordered the lockerbie bombing. what is extraordinary is that after 22 years, how this information came out. it has been 22 years since stephanie bernstein's husband was killed when a planet -- when pan am flight 103 blew up over lockerbie, scotland. >> i put the kids to bed and i turned on the tv and i saw an airplane had gone down. >> 12 years later, one person was convicted in the deaths of the people on board but he was the only one. libyan leader, muammar gaddafi, never a committed to giving the order for the attacks. >> we know that nothing h
mubarak said today about president obama. >>> the owner of the redskins is going after a local newspaper. we will tell you why. >>> i think my children deserve the same as every other child of a fairfax county. >> all day or have taken the garden? that's the decision for one of the area's biggest school systems. >>> the next time you walk through times square or central park, you may find something different. >>> pepco is taking al lot of heat, but it turns o >>> the need to charge a cellphone landed a serial burglary suspect behind bars. >> he lost power in his home, so during one of his alleged burglaries' in silver springs, he decided to charges phone. the only problem is he left the phone behind. we have more on this unbelievable story. >> it is unbelievable, but a lot of people are happy this guy got caught. this was quite a crime spree. more than 40 houses hit. one of the victims as on the side of the street. another victim directly across. as you said, the crime spree ran out of steam when his own ran out of energy. the burglaries' started in areas from rockville to silver spring.
. they were stunned when mubarak refused to step down. today, president obama praised that the egyptian people. wewe saw protesters chante -- are peaceful. again and again. we saw a military that would not fire bullets at the people they were sworn to protect. >> about and to remain a friend and partner to egypt, officials admit they do not know who will take control of the country. the protesters now say they want free and fair elections. they want mubarak to face trial. they are freezing mubarak's accounts. >> the excitement over today's big announcement reaches every corner, especially here in the d.c. there are thousands of egyptian americans. >> this is clearly an historic day. it is unclear, however, exactly what will happen next. four egyptian americans, celebration. just a block from the capital, few are as excited today. >> i knew it was a matter of time. >> most of for families still living in cairo. >> i called my hands -- aunt and she was too busy talking to a million other people. >> it was complete excitement. it was awesome. we were just screaming. my uncle ran downstairs. my au
. >> they were kidnapped on friday. their story came to a violent end. >> at 4:42 this morning, president obama was awakened and notified that somali pirates shot and killed the american hostages aboard a yacht. the first time u.s. citizens have been killed in the ongoing wave of violent piracy. >> we want to send our collins's -- our condolences to the other families. >> they were aboard the yacht. they were traveling with the yacht's owners. they had been sailing around the world since 2004. the chronicled their travels and their mission online. >> we are sadly distraught and devastated by this news. >> it was the end of a five day showdown. somali pirates took over the ship friday. negotiations were underway. officials said the pirates hurled a rocket powered grenade. officials say gunfire was than hurt. special forces immediately raised a board. >> my answer was not dead when the navy seals arrived on the ship. -- my aunt was not dead when the navy seals arrived on the ship. >> been shot and killed two pirates and took 15 others prisoner. >> we will be going through the due diligence proces
that we don't want to forgo any resources. >> of course, this is all about federal money. the obama administration said it would fund no dues didn't but would support the students in it through high school. this new measure would resume the program for new students as well. there's another hearing scheduled for early march. >> let's turn to news from around the region. placement exams are free for students in fairfax county. they say charging students for the test is illegal. last year, the superintendent announced they would charge $75 per exam as a cost-saving measures. >> maryland natural resources police say they have found more illegal rock fish nets in the chesapeake bay. our cameras were there earlier this month after officers made the first discovery. on wednesday, another 300 pounds of fish were recovered in the eighth seizure in the past three weeks. officials are expected to decide whether to reopen the water for the final days of the fishing season next week. >>> bicyclist could find a new route to ride in one of the area's busiest interchanges. officials are working out
. author and pellett -- poet maya angelou included. mr. obama honored a former president, a hall of fame baseball player, and a billionaire investor, also a humanitarian killed in afghanistan. more ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00. >>> and big first at the data show. it became the first of its breed to make it to its final. the shar-pei will go up against six other dogs in the best of show. there's also a pekingese, scottish deerhound, and others. the competition started with 26 underdogs in the final 7 menachem pete for best in show. -- 2600 dogs. in the final seven will compete for best in show. [laughter] >>> it is a little bit cooler today. a 20-25 degrees cooler than yesterday. the warmer numbers will be coming right back tomorrow. let me give you the details. first, and look at the sunrise as seen by this hd camera in germantown. it has been spectacular, cooler, but sunshine all day with a little bit of a breeze. 41 degrees right now on the potomac. a very cool but pretty tuesday afternoon. 42 degrees in stafford. one more visit. 44 degrees in beltsville. temperatures starting to fall w
. >>> president obama keeping tabs on the massive storm attacking two dozen states. he spoke with janet the pilots, as well as the -- napolitano as well as the fema coordinator. they have already deployed help to 11 states. the president stressed the need for government agencies to be prepared in all scenarios. >>> with the storm spreading across dozens of states, air travel is expected to be effective everywhere. suzanne kennedy is live from dulles with some of the travelers stories. >> this is reaching 2,500 miles of the nation. what that means for us in washington, d.c., is that it is nearly impossible to fly into many major cities here in the united states. the massive winter storm in the nation's midwest as making air travel and nightmare. earlier in the day, dallas-fort worth airport was shut down. it left these two department of defense engineer struggling for a way to get out of washington to their final destination of san antonio. >> i am pretty annoyed at american. they tried to rebook me but they were oversold. >> outbound flights to at least 15 cities were canceled. nationwide, nearly
continued in the capital and cities across the country. the obama administration is reportedly preparing to support european effort to expel libyan from the un top human-rights body. they're also considering sending a special investigator to look into alleged crimes committed by the regime of muammar gaddafi. hundreds of died since the crisis began. it has sent oil prices up and the impact of higher prices extends from the ground to the air. >> the cost of gasoline is 20% higher than a was one month ago. the cost of most domestic flights is $20 higher than it was a 2 days ago. instability abroad is trickling down to instability at home. as libyans protest their leader and the leader threatens to destroy the country's oil fields, the price of crude oil hit its highest mark in two years. >> less than 2% of the crude we use is supplied by libya, yet any amount is enough to rock the markets. >> from the road to the skies, travelers are dealing with higher prices today and bracing for worse tomorrow. airlines are passing along the rising jet fuel to passengers. for the fourth time this year,
. >>> tough choices and sacrifices, that is what president obama says his new budget proposal represent. >> it calls for a freeze on annual domestic spending for five years. this freeze would cut the deficit by more than $400 billion over the next decade. >> speaking at a school in baltimore county, he said the proposal would bring domestic discretionary spending down to the lowest level since dwight eisenhower was president. it would add to the deficit this and next year. cuts include billions in college pell grant cuts. he wants to see a more robust package. >> it would mean changes at the smithsonian. $125 million -- other smithsonian programs would face cuts. her two sons like to get up close and personal with the animals at the national zoo. >> they have a chance to feed the animals. i think is good for them. >> they created the kids far in 2003 to teach children about or their food comes from. >> it has been pretty successful in engaging young kids about what is going on with animals. >> but the farm would close under the president's budget proposal. those funds would be shifted t
yesterday he will not run for reelection, but today robert gibbs reiterated president obama's call for the transition of power to begin now. >> i think the people of egypt do not want to see speeches. they want to see concrete action by their government. >> robert gibbs said the president will consider the egyptian government's actions in revealing decisions about more than $1 billion in aid the u.s. provides to egypt. american universities are trying to get their foreign exchange students out of egypt. several students are now making their way home. lisa fletcher is live in maryland where one of university of maryland student is home and sharing her experience. >> that is right, a lot of students are home to safety tonight. i spent some time visiting here with one student who says she and a lot of classmates had mixed emotions about leaving egypt. >> caitlin gallagher has been home from egypt less than 24 hours monitoring events through her friends on facebook, after she and classmates were forced to evacuate. >> it could be through israel or algeria, it could be by both. it could
of york, sarah ferguson, and the obamas other heads of state bike french president nicholas sarkozy. tonight, for women remain on the bachelor and it is the hometown visit where brackets to meet the women's families. -- brad gets to meet the women's families. >> it is going to be the best thing. >> i hope so. >> if they don't like you, you're out. >> quit it. >> that is at 8:00 p.m., followed by causseaux and abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. -- castle and abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. >>> a former aide of alaska governor sarah palin has written a book, apparently. information has been linked about what's the campaign manager accuses her of. also, local street lights and how they use money. >>> this is a big sports weekend. you were just talking about the big wedding, who is going and who is not. let me start off with, move over justin bieber. 18-year-old price harper is the nationals newest member. he was brushed by his fans. he has a reputation that is as big as his career numbers. with a 319 batting average, he chose 34 because mickey mantle was his hero. a lot of people think he is as good as m
evaluated. the obama administration is taking its toughest stance to date against gaddafi. abc 7 news at six starts right now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news, on your side. >>> we begin with the weather. high winds are causing serious damage throughout the region. more than one dozen residents arit
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